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《Dash Quest》introduction + all everything (still updating)

The mobile game《Dash Quest》, it's a high completion roll-scrolling RPG from《Tiny Titan Studios》. With various builds of equipment, pet system, bosses, skills,  collectibles...gamers gonna fall addicted to it!

Main Screen:

If haven’t reach level 100, the frame is blue. If reached level 100, the frame is purple. If reached level 100 and legend, the frame goes orange.

Game Mode:

In classic & hero mode, there're no endings, but infinite looping 6 stages.

As the more time looped, the skull icon changes in order as follow:
white→bronze→silver→gold→purple→purple 1→......
As the loop time increases, the monsters grows stronger, and the number also increases, which makes it harder to beat the loop.

In classic mode, gamers can earn more gold by defeating the latter loops, because much more monsters will killed. (The 6th area with boss LICH available after 2nd loop.)

In hero mode, can only earn epic coins when defeating bosses, which means challenging more enemies won't help. How epic coins earned is counted as: 1st boss 10, 2nd boss 20, 3rd boss 30…for each area, about 40~90, so a loop for hero mode grants around 600 epic coins. (With double epic coins IAP). The latter loops are harder, but the coin rewards remains the same. Remind the maximum wallet can hold at once is 15000. More than that won’t be calculated.

Story mode separates areas into chapters ended up with boss fight. Begin every stage with normal, then master*1, master*2…Once beaten the lower difficult, there’s no turning back, and the master difficulty is way much harder than the normal.

The goal is to complete world map 100.0%, so don’t miss out the mini games. You’ll also see merchant tents distribute, click inside to check out exclusive gears. Many hidden items could be found through the world map progress, make sure to click & complete everywhere insight!

After finish master*5 for each level, rewards some gold, for Boss stages, rewards items. For example:
4-4 :700, 4-6:750, 4-7:800, 4 Boss:850......5-1:700, 5-3:900, 5-4:1000, 6-9:6000, 6 Boss: Megalixir......

Character Stats:

There're no such thing as jobs in the game, but gamers can definitely decide which way they'd play.

The icon at the left corner shows a star when legend, a purple shield when level 100, a gold shield as default. The icon at right indicates how far player gone for longest distance.

The picture below is clear enough so I'll save my words.
Don't forget what these mean when arranging gears in game.


The max level sets to 100, with a "legend" system. This refers to "rebirth" or "reborn" as in other games. 10 levels of legends comes with special rewards:

After legend, you'll lose everything except Legendary Gears (which'll be explained later.)
As a reward, players get perks to max out stats which can't acquire by leveling up.

Legend at level 60 for 3 perk points, 70 for 6......100 for 15. IAP is able to double them,but I consider it a little expensive.
All perks maxed as 650 Perk Points:

Not all of them are really useful, but I'd suggest to max these out:
It'll be too lengthy to explain them one by one, please feel the benefit yourselves.

Dash Quest all perks

There’re many other ways to strengthen your character, so feel free to decide legend or not, while it’s still doable to complete 100% without legend. But still, it's a great distinct between legend or not. For comparison, please check below.


There’re three kinds of weapons in game: common (unofficial), epic and legendary.

To acquire common weapons, buy them through golds. Common doesn’t mean they’re worse than the others. In contrast, their buffs are much more useful for build. With only normal weapons is enough to reach level 100, even beat 100% in story mode. We’ll discuss that later in ways of builds.

Dash Quest all common weapons

Epic gears doesn’t mean they’re so powerful. Only because they’re bought through epic coins . Honestly we can see many outstanding buffs here, but actually they’re not so practical that you won’t even need a single epic gear to complete the game. It took a bit long to earn epic coins, I’d suggest not consider this while still “legending” your character.

Dash Quest all epic gears

Legendary weapons can be acquired through dungeon & chest. There’re 13 legendary weapons, each of them could be upgraded 10 times. Once upon it reaches level 10, the third skill reveals (but it’s activated already). Although they’re called “legendary”, I still consider them only useful in “specific conditions”. Some of them are useless even at level 10. Anyway, beating a dungeon once will guarantee a random one, inside a legendary chest. Throughout the dungeon, you’ll also have a chance to open a bonus chest with legendary gear in it. For more details check out the “dungeon” part below.

2 ways to upgrade the weapons. Get the duplicates to upgrade automatically, or by spending epic coins. Coins required (start from level 1): 1000→1500→2000→2500→3500→4500→5500→6500→7500.

Time limited legendary weapon during 2016 Christmas:
Instead of chests, gamers acquired gift boxes during gaming. Open gifts with Christmas’s special components (about 3~5 gifts for 1). Collect 5 pieces to unlock level 0, 5 more to upgrade……total 55 required, which takes very long to farm.

Dash Quest all legendary weapons

Additionally, there’re also armors and accessories, provide various buffs. Attach them with the correspond build.

Dash Quest all wearings
Dash Quest all accessories


18 magics in game, only 7 of them are worth considered: Barrier, Recover, Fireball, Haste, Blade Ring, Holy, Lightning. The rest of them CD too long or only cause little damage or costs too much MP. Remind that level 6 magic requires a key item.

The most popular combination is Barrier + Haste + Lightning, basically with enough INT & MP, these spells can go all long way straight through.

Golds needed for magic:

Barrier: 100*N
Magic Missile: 250*N
Recover: 500*N
Fireball: 1000*N
Haste: 1000*N
Ice Nova: 2500*N
Enchant: 2500*N
Berserk: 5000*N
Blade Ring: 5000*N
Holy: 15000*N
Lightning: 15000*N
Acid Rain: 25000*N
Lightning Orb: 25000*N
Ninjitsu: 15000*N
Chakra: 15000*N
Tornado: 15000*N
Ghost Knight: 2500*N epic
Hydra: 2500*N epic


No much to talk about the skill points. Spend them wisely according to your build. Purchase Skill Point Pot to break the limit & level up all skills.

Total skill points earned: From level 1 → 100 = 3*99 = 297.
Total skill points for all skills maxed: (From left to right, top to bottom)

= 460

460-297=163 * 500 per Skill Point Pot = 81500 epic coins to max out all skills.

Chest is a reward system include some buffs or items or coins.

Everytime defeat a boss, a chest drops, whether normal or epic. Normal takes 1 hour to open, epic takes 6 hours. Spend epic coins to open immediately, 500 for normal 1500 for epic (when time full.). Coins decrease as the time pass by, about 15sec/1coin

Daily Dungeon:

Works like a daily event, the goal and map changes everyday. Per level is about 150 meters, and there’re fountains & merchants every 5 levels. The reward for challenging it is a legendary chest. When reached 3333 & 6666 meters, there’re various prizes such as golds & items. 10000 meters grants you a legendary chest. Players can keep dashing after 10000, but no more rewards given. After quitting after 10000 meters reached, re-enter the dungeon at the same day isn’t possible.

Fountains provide 3 prizes, but can only draw 1 time for free. The 2nd time costs 1000 epic coins and 3rd time costs 2500 epic coins. Players can check the prize in three boxes first, but of course, the best prizes (e.g.legendary weapon) are always at lowest % to acquire. Most of the time you’ll have to pay 3500 epic coins to get the legendary weapon at fountain, but still, getting it at the first draw is possible.

Merchant sells something exclusive during next 5 levels of dungeon buffs.

For the dungeon, all we need is speed. It’s not for any tactics, just to save lifetime. How to finish 10000m in the least time? Suggest: Do your best to max INT, then equip Blade ring + Haste + Lightning, with sufficient potion. Then all to do is spam magic, the character should never stop if the output damage is enough. It may be a little difficult for everyone to finish 10000m at once, but 2~3 times is sure enough to reach the 10000m goal.

Every dungeon has its special debuff, get potions prepared before challenging them!

Daily reward & Daily quest:

3 easy quests refresh everyday, reward some little potions & coins & XP.

Login the game everyday also rewards something, but I consider them a bit useless except the last one. Login consecutively also remain key item “Wanderer’s Wealth” functioning.


Pet provides various types of buffs during battle. The only pets considered useful are dragon & owl. Dragon gives damage & gold boosts, while owl provides INT & MP. Switch between them of your own condition. All of their skills listed underneath and you can judge yourself to buy it or not. The Ghost doesn’t seem very strong or helpful, or even useless, but it’s skill price costs more than the others for unknown reason. Remind that 5th skill requires pet level 6, and the Pet Orbs can be acquired through beating rare monsters.

Pet Orbs required for level up: 5 → 10 → 20 → 40 → 75
For Ghost: 10 → 20 → 40 → 80 → 150

Pet skill required gold: 1000, 4000, 25000, 75000, 150000
For Ghost: 2000, 8000, 50000, 150000, 300000

Dash Quest all pets & pet skills

Mini game:

Mini Games are small infinite maps to challenge. 5 levels of prizes, the final prize at the first time is an exclusive gear. Every Mini Game has it's own debuff, may not be a problem. Mini Games are also easy way to level up!

The “archery” mini-game is quite additive. Here’re some tips:
1. Try to hit the middle of the target, bullseye grants you multiplied score. The more Bullseye combo you get, the higher multiplier it scores!
2. Streak bonus happens randomly, at least I can’t find it’s rule. Although it comes with “streak bonus”, the arrow may accidently hit the target behind without bullseye and break the combo. I hope they fix this issue soon.
3. The countdown at the beginning can be skipped by tapping the screen.
4. Original score of each target aren’t regular from stage to stage, but Goblin always scores way higher.
5. Overlapping target sometimes also breaks your combo.
6. In a single round, all target are bullseyed ended up “perfect”. If no missed shot, but not all bullseyed, then ended up “good”. Last, if any single shot missed, no rewards when round ends. Reward depends on the combo you’ve made.
7. 4 levels of chest rewards, goals:100, 1000, 2500, 6000.

I hope the tips above helps. Most important of all, hope they fix the streak bug ASAP.

Achievements & Key items:

Progress through the game and get achievements and key items. Many people are asking about some particular key item acquirement, most of the requirement are stated in the blank above.

With my screenshots should be no difficult to retrieve all the key items, all of them are so important!

Dash Quest achievements & key items


Runes are like magic stones, max 4 slots to equip. Runes can be found through every game modes, one per boss & few during runs. Runes can max out character stats to 225+. For example, with INT +20, +19, +19, +18 runes, my character's INT becomes +275 now. The most powerful runes for each kind: Damage +20, Intelligence +20, Crit Damage % + 3100, HP +290, MP +120, Airstream +21. Most of them are in my stash below, except some really rare ones.

Dash Quest most runes


Boosts gives out some great buff for an hour, time lasting could be stacked. Acquire in chests or buy as 125 epic coins/per.

Dash Quest all perks & boosts

1st Anniversary:

About 2016/10/09 is the 1st Anniversary of the game, 3 time limited key items are giver for free. Comparison Equipped/Un- below:

Personal Comment:

Download from Google Play
Download from itunes

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