Tuesday, July 5, 2016

CC-TAN guide with all balls

CC-TAN is a game from 111%, which is also the brother of BB-TAN. The way to play is like brick-breaker. Player controls the elephant and shoot into all directions that the bricks come from. The numbers on the bricks indicates how many times to hit to break them. If you're not able to break the brick before it reaches middle (the elephant) then the game is over. There're power-ups throughout the game, such as : laser, time stop, two-direction to help you progress. As the game progresses, the brick's numbers grows larger and the game goes harder.

There're different balls with different rarities : NORMAL, UNIQUE, LEGENDARY. It costs $100 gold in game to get a ball per time. To earn gold, hit the gold icon in game or watch ad-videos, of course IAP is also a choice to support 111%. According to the hint, release the screen when elephant at 100% red rage +20% LEGENDARY chance. However, no matter how many times I've tried, the picture above is the best I could go. I wonder if anybody achieved this? Or is it doable?

Some balls have special abilities to help you progress. Only LEGENDARY balls do, make sure to try them out!

Although the description in the APP indicates that there're 50 kinds of balls, I can only unlock 49 included 'RANDOM'. I've also saved more than 30K to test 300+ times and listed the results beneath. Some balls' % are really low, as you can see. Please notice that the ELEPHANT'S POO gotta acquired through: Long press the main screen's character's orange rectangle pocket. The result was based on version 1.10, if the chance has update any further in future, I won't test it again.

CC-TAN all balls

I've saved 30K+ to make 300+ pulls. Each item means once, a '+' means twice, two '+' means three times...

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