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Drancia all characters & introductions

Drancia, as ドランシア, is a simple ARPG from SKIPMORE. With 8 levels, 9 bosses, various characters, upgrades and magics. You can also buy power-up item in shop, and IAP or characters in bar. We’ll separately explain them later.

You can choose 5 characters at the beginning. The corresponding character stats are: Weapon: Increase weapon size. Shield: Decrease HP deduction when hit. Boot: Increase speed. Heart: Increase HP gain when get gold. Crystal Ball: Number of times for magic. The numbers of blocks indicates how many times you can upgrade in game. Strong character usually have more blocks, while the weakest character only have one.


Here are all the instructions in game. Read them may help a little.


There’re 3 IAPs inside the bar, on the desk. Character: Mr.Pixel. (The character appeared in other Skipmore Games). Character: Mysterious Girl. Extra: no-ads with BGM jukebox. (Allows you to listen to all BGMs in game). Screenshots are below. The IAP character features it’s own background in 1st stage. Sure they’re good, but not special powerful. However, if you want to collect them all (as I did for you), make sure to buy them. The character on the carpet can be bought to use, so as the counter lady Lilith.


A place to buy power-ups. There’re 7 power ups, usage as screenshots. They’re not really necessary for the game, but sure to buy it if you want to play safe. Tap the clerk Maya many times to buy her as 1600 gems.


9 Bosses in 8 stages. At 1st round, each boss requires 3 hits to defeat. (except 15 hits for final Boss) After 2nd round, 4 hits for each boss. (final boss remains the same ) All bosses have regular moves, and very easy to beat them without damage. I’ll explain every boss with screenshots beneath:

Dragon: Stay at right side to avoid fireball. Jump to avoid incoming tornado. Attack head. Basically just attack before him could block his action 'till he's dead.

Treant: Go for opposite direction to avoid bullet. Dash jump to avoid the root. Attack core.

Golem: Dash to avoid rock. Bullets path are fixed, as the arrow indicates. Jump to attack. Attack before the bullets drops within last hit.

Necromancer: Tap left & right to avoid lightning. Jump through the energy ball. Attack.

Snow worm: Simply stay right to avoid bullet. Turn your character around when boss dives. Dash-jump to attack when second dive, then move to the left. Repeat.

Giant crab: Walk left & right to avoid water stream. Jump to avoid wave. Attack when boss’s hand up.

Fairies: Jump to avoid energy ball. Dash to avoid the big one (goes S shape). Attack.

Drancia: Dash left & right to avoid flying sword. It appears to be random, so stay focus. Staying in single side of the screen couldn’t avoid the sword nearest you. (Dash)Jump to avoid the dash sword. Attack.

Emerald tablet: Jump to avoid energy orbs. Walk left & right to avoid laser. Walk left & right to avoid flame above. Attack the core anytime you can.

Stage progress & rewards:

Each stage with it’s own coordinate monsters' skins. You have to kill a certain number of monsters before the boss appears. The first stage is 100. Second is 110. Third 120……Until 200. After then, kill every 200 creatures before boss fights. After beating the boss, your max chain and boss score will be counted. Chain numbers adds directly to your score, and first boss counts 100, second counts 200……after 1600, the add-on stops. Which means after seventeenth boss(stage), you get 1600.

In-game currency: gold & gems:

The only currency available for power-ups and characters are gems. Characters may cost several hundreds. Gems are earned through gameplay, 100 points = 1 gem. While defeating monsters, they drop golds. 1 gold = 1 point. The reward for stacking every 10 chains reward you gold statue, which values 150 points. Defeating the boss perfectly also grants gold statue, 500 points each. The coins dropped doubles after 20 chains, and triple for 50.

The fastest way to earn gems?

Fight as far as you can. 1. After sixteenth boss, each boss gives you 1600 points. 2. Defeat bosses perfectly for 500 points. 3. Stack big chains to add-on your score when each stage ends. 4. Stack chains for more golds.

Beating the game:

After the first round, the Ancient King awakens. Floating around the screen and invulnerable. Avoid him in case of being cornered. The game has infinite loop until you're dead.

All 8 areas (included hidden characters):

The screenshots of 8 areas.

All characters & stats:

Character collection pages:

Game download link:

Download on Google Play
Download on itunes

I've also screenshot everything in Japanese version. If someone's interested, welcome to comment,
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  1. Thanks for the tips on getting clerk Maya and counter lady Lilith. How did you get the blue fairy character?

    1. Whoops! Sorry for the miss to your reply. Maybe try to contact me at FB or Google+ could be better noticed. Sorry again.

      So the fairy was a problem to me too, I can't even guarantee the answer for you yet, but I'd bet it's to finish most of the characters collection (or some specific ones). Because the fairy just pop up without my attention.

  2. How do I get the barrel and the king?

    1. Hi, you have to beat the game with more characters.
      I'm not sure about the exact number, but suggest you start from the initial ones.