Tuesday, August 9, 2016

《Crimson Room "Decade"》walkthrough & all files

Crimson Room Decadeis a room-escape game based on the flash game Crimson Room》 years ago. It came back with more challenge and story features. You can find the original flash on web.

This article will give you a complete walkthrough. Spoilers containing. All files’ location included. No text commentary because I consider screenshots are clear enough. Of course, questions are welcome.

Part 1 : Awake (I've placed picked the doll twice, never mind. )

Part 2 : Red.

Part 3 : Blue.

Part 4: Escape.

That's all for the escape part. Inside the game, there're 10 documents to find.
Doesn't effect anything whether you collect them or not.

In order:

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