Tuesday, October 18, 2016

《BB-TAN》introduction + all balls

《BB-TAN》is the earlier (1st?) drag and release game from《111%》. Simple concept but quite addictive for a while. Most of my friends played this game before and comparing their high scores.

《BB-TAN》official video from 111%:


It's like brick breaker, game ends when bricks touch the line. Every time when gamers hit the "+" mark, the ball increases one per shot.


Earn coins through game (very slow) or watch an ad video for 80~90+ coins. Every 100 coins can draw a gacha. Blue for normal, red for unique and legendary.

Different size of balls may affect gamers' tactics of reaching high score. As I know, most people like to use super small ball because of some reason ;P

The "ALL" ball unlocks when every balls collected.

For hidden ball, please check 111%'s Facebook below for details.

BB-TAN all balls


Hold as long as you can and reach the highest score. Maybe only few people like me would like to collect every balls?

30 Minutes:

For the blank below there's a "WHAT HAPPENS AFTER 30M" , and nothing happens expect the "SO WHAT?" text.

Personal Comment:

This is《111%》's 1st game, and sure it's a big success. People worldwide addicted to it somehow, including my friends, comparing each other's  high scores. There're also some ways to break the limit or keep from death for incredibly high scores, but Ic won't reveal it here.

By simple concept from brick breaker, and add few power-ups in game (3 directions, laser, +...), become a new creative durable game. 《111%》has make a success now and already turned out 11th game, I can't even catch up :P ! Nice work !

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