Sunday, October 16, 2016

《DDTAN》introduction + all balls

《DDTAN》is the 7th game from《111%》. By single drag & release, gamers have to clear the number on the blocks.


Hit the bricks to prevent them from counting to 10.

Use special balls' ability to keep 10 away!


As the previous games, unique & legendary balls have its ability. 100 coins can draw a gotcha. White for normal balls and red for unique & legendary. I can never get the last two unique balls with total 400+ draws, so I just given up.

Watch an ad-video to earn 80~90+ coins, repeat to stack up coins fast.

Visit 111%'s Facebook for hidden ball!

DDTAN all balls

30 minutes:

As usual, for the TAN-series, the "what happens after 30 mins".

Personal Comment:

Actually it's really hard to comment a 111% game like this XD. It's really a boring game from the viewpoint of brick-break and drag & release game. But by discovering the balls' abilities and pursuing the high score seems to be a global trend :P. Maybe because its simple & handy with everyone, every age? However, from my observation,《BBTAN》is still the best known game yet.

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