Friday, October 21, 2016

《EETAN》introduction + all heroes

《EETAN》is the 12th game of《111%》, also the 4th game of the "TAN" series. As usual, brick-breaking as the basis, with a horizontal moving character.

*111% Youtube hasn't upload an official video for《EETAN》yet.


Control the character moving horizontally shooting bullets and eliminate the oncoming bricks. After breaking the bricks, more bullets fall. Collect them as weapons and go as far as you can..


Different characters (heroes) with various exteriors, legendary heroes have special abilities, draw them in the capsules for 100 per time. Earning coins in game may be slow, watch an ad-video gives 80~90+ coins.

Although the capsule looks all the same, I believe some specific characters are hidden in some patterns. Make sure to choose different capsules every time you draw, or maybe it's just a trick from 111%.

LUNAR: Start with 300 bullets.

CCXCC: A little helping hand.

NINJA: Shoots with various small angle (I wonder if that's the only skill while its so useless)

EETAN: A row of coins appears periodically.

SCRAP MAN: I can't figure this out yet, but there's must be something to do with the red bullet.

MAGNET: A small magnet to attract bullets around you.

《EETAN》all heroes

Personal Comment:

More interactive with moving character this time. Many weird looking character with various bullets is also a feature in this series (and EETAN has magnified it). The collection was quite easy this time (or maybe I'm so lucky), I took only about 80- draws I guess? Anyway, another addicting game. Is there gonna be FFTAN :P ?

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last updated 10/22/16 12:30 UTC+8 Android version 2.1

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