Tuesday, October 25, 2016

《God of Light》introduction + all 3 star patterns

《God of Light》is a new type line puzzle game from《playmous》. Control the light beam to the correct angle, light up 3 stars, then to the goal. Combined with creative power-ups, outcome many beautiful light routes.


Rotate the light source and discover different mechanics, combine them to pass through 3 stars, then to the goal.

Each tree with 25 levels, currently 5 trees (haven't update for 1 year+).

If gamers face difficult to clear the stage, there're 1 firefly in each stage, find them, then use them to see the answer.

God of Light all 3 stars patterns

Personal Comment:

I wish I could write more for this game, but that's all should appear in an article. Every trees with some new tricks are surprising, with different mechanisms combined, born a new look for line puzzle games. The latter levels for every trees are challenging (for 3 stars). The light beam is so beautiful that I wanted to make screenshots of every levels. To sum up, this is a worth downloading game, can be paused anytime, no pressure, and makes gamers think.

It seems to be stop updating, a little pity, I'd love to discover more fun solving puzzles.

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last updated 10/26/16 12:00 UTC+8 Android version 1.2

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