Tuesday, October 18, 2016

《おやじ菌 培養(ビン) 【放置・育成】》introduction + all bacteria

《おやじ菌 培養(ビン) 【放置・育成】》is a idle harvest game from《G.Gear.inc》. By earning money in game , gamers cultivate different kinds of bacteria.


Tap the blue button to harvest, earn coins to upgrade equipment, to cultivate new bacteria.


Finish the diagram. (Can still upgrade the bacteria level if wanted)

《おやじ菌 培養(ビン) 【放置・育成】》all bacteria


With each upgrade, there's a short comic episode, quite fun if you understand Japanese!
I've screenshot every episodes, leave a comment below if you're interested.

Personal Comment:

Nothing to comment on a pure idle game like this, but its quite fun to see different kinds of head-shape things popping up.

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last updated 10/18/16 18:50 UTC+8 Android version 1.0.1

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