Monday, April 24, 2017

《Hidden my game by mom》introduction + all hints

《Hidden my game by mom》is a point & click game from《hap Inc.》. Gamers must click on the right place for correct reaction to get the game console.

【アプリ】ママにゲーム隠された - 脱出ゲーム:


Find & get the game console instead of get caught by mom, or cause any other fatal mistakes & fail.

Total 30 stages + random stages + 2 endings total. Start from obvious hints to thinking puzzles. If found the stage to difficult, click on the grandpa for a hint.

I won't list how to clear every stages here, as most of them are easy & solvable by trying few times.

Hidden my game by mom all hints


"Game Over":

Tap on the game console.


Try to open the door...

Random Stages:

Not so sure about how many are there, I'll say there're 5 after my attempts. By playing the "Random" stage after game cleared is available.

Personal Comment:

As a point & click puzzle game, yes, it's just too easy. Most of the time, the items' consequence is predictable & avoidable. However, causing the failure & see how it ends is still fun, like the mechanism in《ドッキリ神回避 -脱出ゲーム》.

Not as a simple Point & click, but with little story in it, with endings, is sure a motive for keep playing. Honestly, it don't really take an hour or two to clear all 30 stages. Yeah, but still, it's fun, some of the stages is just unreasonable & doesn't make any sense.

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