Monday, April 24, 2017

《昭和あるある ~心にしみる昭和シリーズ外伝~》introduction + all Gacha

《昭和あるある ~心にしみる昭和シリーズ外伝~》is a gacha game from《GAGEX》. With coins refills automatically as time goes by, try to collect all Gachas with ancient memories within.


Keep rolling the Gacha machine, once for 100 coins. Coins regenerate 100 per hour, with consecutive daily login bonus, won't be very hard to make enough draws.

Rock Paper Scissor machine:

Take 100 coins as basis bargaining chip, keep winning to double (3200 MAX), can choose to challenge double up to 3200 gains, or lose all for once.

I don't know why I can almost win every time by giving out stone...


Collect all 200 gallery items.

昭和あるある ~心にしみる昭和シリーズ外伝~ all Gachas

Personal Comment:

A pretty simple game, no even sure it's called a "game". The memories collection in the capsules with annotation reminds middle aged people about their childhood......Another great game from《GAGEX》.

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