Tuesday, May 16, 2017

《1655m》introduction + all swords

《1655m》is a drag dungeon RPG from《111%》. Upgrade weapon & armor to reach the deepest in infinite dungeon.


Use the control panel to move, for monsters with more HP usually appears at both sides along a chest. Obtain Rubies & heart & Chests & Boosts by passing through them.

Moving backward(upward) isn't possible.

1655m (Bosses):

Appears about every 825*N meters, after the 3rd boss remains the same.


Use Gems to upgrade defense & strength. The exterior only changes with armor upgrade. A single level upgrade improves a little, so better stack lots of Gems for better game experience.


Obtain throughout the Dungeon, 1 chest requires 1 key to open. Watch an ad for 3 keys or purchase 10 for IAP $0.99.

Get Gems or Swords by opening them.


Mixed with the Status screen, from left to right: Pierce through a distance, Shield, Deal big damage.


Items appears randomly on the way.

HORSE CARRIAGE provides a period invincible distance, cleaning all the obstacles, WIND provides a head start.


Effect the Critical Chance % & exterior.

1655m all swords

Personal Comment:

As expected, what's waiting under 1655m is a Boss.

Anyway, a fast paced game with easy controls. Fun to see some different exterior for the creatures, they need a full 1655m round to start from the beginning.

The way farming enough Gems for upgrade is a really long way to go, if set 1655m as the goal, it may take many attempts like about hundreds of times to challenge the dungeon repeatedly. I believe most gamers won't have enough patience to farm such long, while the progression is almost the same.

Rare Sword for +20% & +25% critical % can be obtained via IAP or opening the chests. 500+ I've opened myself to collect all of them, which may be normal through farming the rubies, but takes lots of time watching videos for +3 keys per time...

This game may be removed shortly after installed when gamers found it takes more time than expected to reach the goal, the name of the game "1655m".

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Last updated 5/16/17 22:05 Android version 1.6

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