Monday, May 1, 2017

《Alien Evolution World》introduction + Gallery

《Alien Evolution World》is one of the evolution series from《Lionbird》. By feeding foods to the creature, it evolution into different cute forms.


Every 30 seconds regenerates one food. For every form requires different amount of foods & combinations to evolution. The small icon indicates the combination required. However, there're some "?" for unknown combinations, for gamers to try themselves out, or buy the hints. Without buying the hint, it's gonna take very long or even impossible to try dozens of possibilities......

Discover new creature each time gain +5 Diamonds.

Tap repeatedly to make creature eat faster.


3 kinds of food to make different combinations to evolve. The Package delivers foods randomly, as it regenerates 1 every 30 seconds. The maximum capacity starts at 10 & increases by 1 for every new creature discovered.


However, there're infinite combinations set with different %, so it's nearly impossible to try everything out. Hints are purchasable via diamonds, just right next to the combination block, to display the certain combination for "?".

Diamonds & Stars:

Stars are the vital element to evolve, which is a rare resource. The evolution near the end of the line requires many stars, so better stack up sufficient of them, or gotta rebirth and waste stars again.

By rebirth repeatedly (without using star to evolve) is a stable way to win stars, however that's very slow, better focus on mini games.

Mini game:

The radar icon provides a faster way for Food & Diamonds & Stars, 1 stamina requires 10 minutes to restore. The right game costs 2 stamina but more likely to earn more Diamonds & Stars.


Use current Unicorn to fight against another by using the rule "Rock Paper Scissor". If the opponent hasn't been discovered, the name will shown "???" & picture blackened.

Deal full damage when win, deal the discrepancy number when draw.


Try to press the correct direction & get the item. Another good way to farm diamonds & stars, but still sluggish.

Reset Experience, Devolution:

It costs 5 diamonds to reset experience when miss clicked the wrong food, or chosen the wrong path. I won't suggest do any of them as diamond is already a scarce resource.

Auto Feeder:

Set up the device & it'll automatically feed the food without clicking, however that doesn't include harvest food from the Chest. The default max capacity is 20, which consumes fast & can be upgraded via diamond.


Complete the "Gallary"

Alien Evolution World full Gallery

Personal Comment:

The "Evolution World" series has made big improvements after February 2017, so I think I should update my articles too. I love the artwork of the series, for various 50 creatures in each of them (52 in Alien).

However, the way to farm enough Diamonds & Stars is still quite long, gotta play mini games again & again for only 1~2 elements each time. A full evolution till the very end is gonna cost 20+ even 30+ stars, far away from winning them "naturally". Save the Diamonds very carefully, only use them when evolving.

I understand a freemium game needs some mechanisms & motives to make players do IAP, but playing this game in completely free may be a little suffer, with many capacity & resources limited. For those who want can still try out themselves, or just simply check out my album.

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