Friday, May 5, 2017

《Alpaca Evolution Begins》introduction + all forms + actions + endings

《Alpaca Evolution Begins》is the sequel of《Alpaca Evolution》fromCOCOSOLA. Although it's a sequel, but with the name "begins". Which story comes the 1st? Not so obvious, maybe just consider them paralleled?

Level 1:

After filling the XP meter, choose a path manually for "Obey" or "Order". The result is literally obviously.

Alpacas refill for about 60~90 seconds, for 10 of them full.

The XP*2 mechanism activates after the 3rd round  regard the path chosen.


Alpaca starts to pursue power & gets bigger......

Consume the other & fight the final form of the other path......


Alpaca gathers more & more together......

Consume the other & fight the final form of the other path......


Play each route for the 2nd time to see the true ending of the final form. Chose the path alternately to achieve 50% endings discovered at first.

The ending black screen inside my album indicates 4 endings for 2 paths.

Alpaca Evolution Begins all forms + actions + endings

Rare Evolution:

After achieving 100% endings, activates 20% rare evolution for both paths, 2 forms for each.

Personal Comment:

As a successful sequel, comes with more evolutionary & 4 endings this time. But seems not so popular compared to the last one?

2 storylines, more unexpected & hyper Alpaca forms to discover, nice one!

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