Thursday, May 4, 2017

《Alpaca Evolution》introduction + all forms + all endings

《Alpaca Evolution World》is a tap to breed game from《COCOSOLA》. Absorb the others & evolve, with 3 various story endings.


Tap on the others once to knock it down, then tap again to absorb. Experience gain 3 per absorb, fill the meter to evolve.

Alpacas refill for about 60~90 seconds, for 10 of them full.


After filling level 8, 2 Gatekeepers appears & tap on the Alpaca itself to endure the damage. After being half, absorb the Gatekeeper for 30 experience/per.


Absorb Angels to fill the power meter & defeat the God. The damage per attack isn't very certain, better click more than once to see if there's a 2nd chance to attack twice.


Total 3 Endings, depends on the last creature absorbed. Choose a creature & knock it off to absorb as usual.

After the Ending, tap the Green Recycle Arrow to start again, experience gained will all X2.

Rare Evolution:

After completing all 3 endings, there're 10% chance to evolve into rare forms. One additional ending 50% possible.

Personal Comment:

This game is very popular as it published, for the weird evolution of the Alpaca. As an evolution game, there're every action for each form, is really impressive.

Creative story & enemies, accompanies with various endings, make it not only a tedious tapping game, but have the motive to keep playing & see what happens next, again & again to complete all endings & forms.

The artwork is delicate & cute, the success work also appears in the sequel of the game.

Alpaca Evolution World all forms + actions

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