Wednesday, May 3, 2017

《Boing 111》introduction + all planes

《Boing 111》is a shooting game from《111%》. Tap on the direction & avoid bullets, defeat the most enemies.


Tap on the direction to move around, find obstacles to block bullets from enemies. Every 10 stages comes a  Boss with more HP.

The missile appears randomly on map, to deal big damage to enemies.

The damage output is 389 at level 87, & 527 when "Burger" equipped, if someone needs a reference.


Defeat enemies to fill the experience meter, the latter enemies the more they provide.


Watch an ad video to get 80~100+ coins.

100 coins for a draw. In my option & tests that different color of eggs doesn't matter the rarity, it's all about chance.

Boing 111 all Planes


Get the highest score.

Personal Comment:

A very simple shooting game, just have to focus on advancing & dodging. The enemies gets stronger easily, without discrepancy damage output may stuck at the same score. Obtaining rare Planes for damage+% sure helps, as leveling up only gives +5 each time.

The total draws required for getting all planes is about 200+ draws. The let Plane "Jet-111" is very rare & needs many pulls to get......200+ attempts are a bit too much for 42 kinds of variety, which means watching 250+ free-ads needed.

Unless people have strong will to pursue high score, otherwise it's going to be tedious shooting around with familiar enemies & 4 themes of backgrounds.

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Last updated 5/4/17 06:55 UTC+8 Android version 1.3

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