Saturday, May 6, 2017

《Cooped Up》introduction

《Cooped Up》is a drag & release game from《Nitrome》. By avoiding enemies & chasers, player challenges to reach infinite highest distance.


Drag & release to jump. Avoid other "birds", & eat the worm. Watch out for chasers who has the ability to jump & chase player fast.


Collect 11 worms to activate boosts, become invulnerable for a automatic certain distance boost. (I forget how much lol)

Lucky Bug:

Every 50 points, a golden bug appears & catch it for a revive chance.


Reach as high as you can.

Personal Comment:

Although it's a very fast paced game, but still addicting. Because its short gameplay could be done in minutes, without complicated actions & brainstorming, to challenge high score in a quick round. Not with various elements, but somehow you won't remove it from your phone maybe? Need to be patience & skillful to pursue high score.

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Last updated 5/7/17 01:30 UTC+8 Android version 1.1

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