Friday, May 5, 2017

《Infinite Click Alice Invasion》《逆襲の国のアリス》introduction + all units

《Infinite Click Alice Invasion》is an infinite number idle game from《SEEC》. Unlock more units by tapping & idle, until finishing the story or keep going for infinite number.


Very simple, purchase new units, idle for more plates, purchase higher new units.


Begins with one day Alice has invaded the Queen's kingdom, the Queen must produce many soldiers & units to stop her...


Click for more soldiers, buy higher unit for big boosts & more numbers per click.


Beware of Alice's attack cause certain number decrease.


Boosts are available after purchasing certain amount of units.

Unit production per second X2 or X20 or X200 boosts. When facing difficulties to buy new units, boosts are important & necessary.

Eat me cookie:

Prevent from being attacked by Alice when app closed, stack more for longer effect.


Purchase all units & boosts, finish the story.

I won't post the story ending screenshot here, if someone's interested please leave a comment below.

Infinite Click Alice Invasion all units

Personal Comment:

I really love the Alice related series  from《SEEC》. The characters' artworks are the same, we can see many familiar characters show up in games.

The infinite idle games from《SEEC》are handy balanced, with units' outfits changeable, makes more enjoyment when discovering new units & watch the dialogues.

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