Friday, May 12, 2017

《神父「モンスター生産始めました」勇者「・・・」》introduction + all dialogues

《神父「モンスター生産始めました」勇者「・・・」》is a idle game from《G.Gear》. Win money by defeating the heroes & produce more creatures for more money.


One day a godfather found that reviving heroes gives him good money, so he prepared a device & go challenge heroes for higher levels & for more money......


Unlock more undergrounds creatures & earn more money, defeat more heroes.

For higher level heroes have lower % to defeat, but reward with more money.

Perform an all out attack to 100% winning heroes & get reward all at once.


Unlock all devices & monsters, unlock all dialogues.

神父「モンスター生産始めました」勇者「・・・」all dialogues

Personal Comment:

A really simple game, but with fun story, we've never played games that's purpose is to kill heroes. Also it's fun to see interactive between godfather & the creatures, while monsters can never overpower the godfather.

A fast paced progress, with totally same gameplay, easy to complete it all.

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