Thursday, May 25, 2017

《ぶたポン》introduction + all illustrations

《ぶたポン》is a matching pig game from《JOE》. (The pig from the other games) Match pigs horizontally & vertically & clear all the stages with high score.


Like many other matching games, make at least 3 in a row to match. 4 to make a Boar, crosshair to make a Black Fat, 5 to make a golden.

The stages are based on map. Starts from Japan, up to the world, the last to the sky, many stages with various difficulties & dilemmas.

Mix matches:

The following screenshots indicates different matches for buffs pigs.


There're 3 goals set to clear the stage. Can't be 100% sure, but if your goal is to collect all the illustration, better get red flag for all stages.

There're some stages are supremely difficult, requires lots of buff pigs to complete, it's almost impossible (at least to me) to complete those stages using under 3 buffs. I would even say it's impossible without using lots of buffs, even exploiting them just to get the high score.

Some stages pop up after clearing enough stages, the stage icon may be localize food, usually are difficult levels with "exclusive pig" illustration rewards.


Complete levels with red flags & new levels to collect all of them.

Daily pig:

Daily reward system, difficult stages gonna need lots of resources from here.


After completing the whole world, the Heaven stages are available. The Buddha Pig randomly selects a color of the pig for each move. If matches (incident included) the color Buddha chooses 3 times in a row, the stage failed, or use 50 to cease The Pig's anger.


Points (not Score) are used to buy special Pigs & items. I stack thousands of them by 1st clearing stage bonus & Daily bonus & SNS sharing bonus. Under many difficult circumstances, points are necessary to clear the hard stages & get the reward (by spending points exploiting special Pigs).

I consider it too expensive for buff pigs 300points/per.

Personal Comment:

A match pop game with really abundant content. It doesn't only mean with many various stages, but accompanies different ways to clear them, and get the hidden illustrations. I like collecting Pigs as rewards, they're so cute & so many of them.

The difficult balance design is moderate, while most people play this kind of games only for leisure. If the gamer wishes to finish the collection like me, then it takes much more longer time & effort.

The points giveaway freely isn't friendly, making people want to buy IAP to clear certain difficult stages, but still stacking thousands of points is possible.

I like these Pig series games, having a pleasant time playing them.

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