Saturday, May 13, 2017

《NECO'Sキッチン【猫まみれ放置育成ゲーム】》introduction + all units

《NECO'Sキッチン【猫まみれ放置育成ゲーム】》is an infinite number idle game from《SEEC》. Unlock more units by tapping & idle, until finishing the story or keep going for infinite number.


Very simple, purchase new units, idle for more plates, purchase higher new units.


Click for more plates, rebirth 4 times to unlock total 4 hidden kitchens.


Beware of rat's attack cause certain number decrease, purchase cheese to defend them when app closed.


Boosts are available after purchasing certain amount of units.

Unit production per second X2 or X20 or X200 boosts when facing difficulties to buy new units, boosts are important & necessary.

NECO'Sキッチン【猫まみれ放置育成ゲーム】all units


After purchasing every units & boosts, rebirth (re-open the shop) for better kitchen & new units.


Purchase all units & boosts, rebirth 4 times & finish the story.

Personal Comment:

The infinite game series from《SEEC》are relative easy, just remember to check & upgrade units by time, game could be done in a few weeks. No fast strategy, just purchase the units & boosts step by step, according to the situation to spent all the money.

Don't keep the app open, while the cheese isn't functional when screen's on, unless gamer is able to monitor the screen & tap the rat in time.

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Last updated 5/13/17 22:55 UTC+8 Android version 2.4

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