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《つりーさん2》《Treesan 2》introduction + all routes + trees

《Treesan 2》is the sequel of《Treesan》from《maasama》. By pouring water & setting different fertilizers, beautiful plants shows up.


Follow the tutorial, plant the seed & start pouring water. Except from pouring water, clicking constantly on the plant also grows the tree.

All of the evolution have 4 phases: bud, mini, tiny, tree. By using different fertilizers on each section, result in various mature plants. Finish the seed's collection to unlock new seeds in order.

I'll list every steps of how to breed certain plant below:

Feeding different fertilizers may cause same result, but I'll just list one of them. 

green Bud+Vege→green Mini+Meat→green Tiny+Star→Marimo Tree
green Bud+Vege→green Mini+Meat→green Tiny+Earth→Cactus Tree
green Bud+Vege→green Mini+Meat→green Tiny+Meat→Tulip Tree
green Bud+Vege→green Mini+Moon→ivy Tiny+Diamond→Cream Tree
green Bud+Vege→green Mini+Moon→ivy Tiny+Earth→StarMine
green Bud+Vege→green Mini+Moon→ivy Tiny+Vege→PONPON
green Bud+Earth→pon Mini+Moon→fall Tiny+Diamond→Diamond Tree
green Bud+Earth→pon Mini+Moon→fall Tiny+Earth→Fall Tree
green Bud+Earth→pon Mini+Moon→fall Tiny+Meat→Fan Tree

swell Bud+Vege→withered mini+Vege→withered tiny+Vege→Dark Tree
swell Bud+Vege→withered mini+Vege→withered tiny+Meat→Devil Tree
swell Bud+Vege→withered mini+Vege→withered tiny+Moon→Butterfly
swell Bud+Vege→withered mini+Star→crystal Tiny+Diamond→Dead Tree
swell Bud+Vege→withered mini+Star→crystal Tiny+Vege→Spear Tree
swell Bud+Vege→withered mini+Star→crystal Tiny+Earth→Street light
swell Bud+Moon→swell mini+Earth→swell tiny+Meat(Diamond)→Sheep Tree
swell Bud+Moon→swell mini+Earth→swell tiny+Moon→Piyo Tree
swell Bud+Moon→swell mini+Earth→swell tiny+Star→Swell Tree

limp Bud+Vege→limp mini+Vege→limp Tiny+Vege→Kutinashi
limp Bud+Vege→limp mini+Vege→limp Tiny+Diamond→Chicks Tree
limp Bud+Vege→limp mini+Vege→limp Tiny+Earth→Pencil Tree
limp Bud+Star→limp mini+Diamond→sea Tiny+Earth→Bell Tree
limp Bud+Diamond→wood Mini+Meat→sea Tiny+Vege→Heart Tree
limp Bud+Diamond→wood Mini+Meat→sea Tiny+Diamond→Magic Tree
limp Bud+Diamond→wood Mini+Moon→wood Tiny+Diamond→Bone Tree
limp Bud+Diamond→wood Mini+Moon→wood Tiny+Star→Evil Tree
limp Bud+Diamond→wood Mini+Moon→wood Tiny+Earth→Wood Tree

leaf Bud+Vege→leaf Mini+Meat→four Tiny+Vege→Gear Tree
leaf Bud+Vege→leaf Mini+Meat→four Tiny+Diamond→Stork Tree
leaf Bud+Vege→leaf Mini+Meat→four Tiny+Earth→Two colors
leaf Bud+Star→leaf Mini+Moon→leaf Tiny+Earth→Trumpet Tree
leaf Bud+Star→leaf Mini+Moon→leaf Tiny+Diamond→Gem Tree
leaf Bud+Star→leaf Mini+Moon→leaf Tiny+Meat→Bud Tree
leaf Bud+Diamond→bent Mini+Vege→bent Tiny+Earth→Grotto Tree
leaf Bud+Diamond→bent Mini+Vege→bent Tiny+Diamond→Umbrella
leaf Bud+Diamond→bent Mini+Vege→bent Tiny+Star→Quaint

After the seed grows mature, restart from a seed will accompany some coin rewards. Use these coins & bee coins to buy some Backgrounds & level ups.

Treesan2 all plants + bugs + pots


Collect the Bees to get some additional coins, the spawn rate & number could be upgraded. Rare bees are very rare, very hard to encounter......The rare bee EXP increases every time encountered, & level up increases the incidence.

Water Pots:

Different boosts for each, achieve different condition to get it.


The upgrades are expensive somehow, by collecting bees & mature plants to earn money. The highest upgrade (LV:10) can cost up to 10000.


Purchase new BGs & BGMs, some are quite expensive.


Plant all trees, complete the collection.

Treesan2 all plants + bugs + pots

Personal Comment:

I like the prequel, however I got stuck on progress for unknown reason, so I've finish this one first. A really simplified game, repeating same simple actions, for the only different result when the tree grows.

Gamers can inspect the growing history is a considerate design, for us don't need to prepare a pen & paper while gaming, to avoid from making the same combination & route to breed again. However, for 6 kinds of fertilizers, which still means there maximum 6 times to attempt at the same growing section if bad luck. However that's not likely to happen because for another considerate design, is the fertilizer & result are allocated carefully, so it's easy to meet different result while attempting before meeting the final form.

The watering & clicking part may still be tedious for people, however that's how it works, and it takes up almost whole progress of the game.

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