Friday, May 12, 2017

《Twin Hopper》introduction + all characters

《Twin Hopper》is a tap rolling game from《JOE》. Try to control 2 characters moving paralleled to avoid objects & walls.


Avoid from hitting objects & reach the end.


10 stages total, with a checkpoint for each. Every stage except the 1st has a side effect. The side effects may enhance the difficulty & obstruct the visibility.

There're checkpoints at the middle of the stages. If failed after the checkpoint, costs 30 to revive at the middle, or spend 50 to skip to the middle.

Reach the end of each stage to unlock the follow one, or spend 500 to unlock.

Daily Coins:

Consistently get 200 after the 5th consecutive day, which is a very useful source, coin means everything in the game. (However, there's no continue at the death point mechanism......)


100 for one random character. I doubt if it's totally random, while after making 100 draws still can't get 8 characters.


15 pairs total 30 animals with 2 default, rather than Gacha, could be purchased directly for 300.

Twin Hopper all characters

Personal Comment:

Very difficult, I can only reach the end of the first stage......the tolerate range is small & the bumps or the platform requires dexterity skillful operation. One hit kill, no mistakes allowed. Thanks to the daily coin & stage unlock-able or I may not finish this article.

Over 100 draws still can't get all 30 characters, purchase them directly is expensive for 300 coins, however we get 200 free from daily so nothing to complain.

Very challenging gameplay, after few attempts, people may just giving it up.

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